Crank Shafts

Flexible Rolls

Any rotating parts, such as armatures, fans, impellers, rolls, shafts, etc., should be in balance. In cases of large equipment already installed, such as exhaust fans or machines where there is doubt regarding the true source of vibration, we offer a portable balancing, spectrum analysis service using the very latest Schenck and Ono - Soki portable vibration and balancing equipment. For parts which can be more easily removed, or where a replacement is available, we recommend in-shop balancing on one of our precision electronic balancing machines. We can handle parts weighing from a fraction of an ounce up to (5) ton, 72" in dia., and up to 40' in length.

Using the latest shock pulse method (SPM) bearing analyzing equipment, we can find a bearing near breakdown or complete failure.

In addition to our vibration and bearing analyzing, we do complete fan and blower repair (shafts, bearings, etc.)

The prime, and sometimes unnoticed, reason for balancing in industrial installations is to extend service life. Not only is it costly to make repairs, but in many cases the downtime on equipment far outweighs the repair cost. Years of wear introduce unbalance which should be corrected, in many cases, to a lower level than originally provided.


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